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Ventura, California may be known for its beautiful weather, but people who live in Ventura year-round know that it can get uncomfortably hot at a moment’s notice and that having a working air conditioner at home or at work is extremely important.

Rather than be at the mercy of a heatwave, make sure your Ventura home or business is equipped with an air conditioner working at peak efficiency when you call (805) 390-5868 to speak with Affordable Services.

Affordable Services is a residential and commercial HVAC service company located in the Oak View area but is proud to offer our wide range of HVAC services to anyone that wants quality work done for less. As our name suggests, our HVAC and air conditioning services are cost-effective without sacrificing quality. We simply believe that being comfortable shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and if you agree with this principle, then please call (805) 390-5868 and let us know which one of our expert air conditioning services you require and we will be glad to be of assistance.

Air Conditioner Installations

Very few homes and businesses in the Ventura area aren’t equipped with air conditioning already. But if your Ventura home or business is uncomfortably hot and you simply can’t handle it anymore, call (805) 390-5868 today to speak to the Affordable Services team and find out how we can outfit you with a brand-new air conditioner. Our air conditioner installation services consistently rank among the most popular in the Ventura area because they are known for their affordability and overall efficiency.

When we are tasked with installing an air conditioning system in a Ventura home or business, our focus is figuring out ways to make sure they perform as quietly and as efficiently as possible. Air conditioning is ultimately about being comfortable and if your system is a nuisance that runs up your electric bill, it can defeat the purpose of investing in air conditioning altogether.

One of our top priorities when installing an air conditioner is making sure it is as energy efficient as possible. So, if you are in the market for a new air conditioner, give us a call today to schedule an inspection with the Affordable Services’ team of experts. We will conduct an energy load inspection to make sure that we can recommend the best appliance to meet your home or business’s needs going forward.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioning is one of the most important features of your Ventura home or business and when it’s not working, it can be cause for panic. Unfortunately, like any appliance, all makes and models of air conditioners are likely to break down someday. Luckily, you can reduce the likelihood of these break downs and the expense of repairs by providing it with regular maintenance thanks to Affordable Services’ air conditioning experts.

When you sign up for our regularly scheduled maintenance programs, we will check:

  • For the correct amount of refrigerant.
  • For leaks using a leak detector.
  • For any duct leakage in the central system.
  • That the airflow through the evaporator coil is consistent.
  • That the correct electric control sequence is in place.
  • That the oil motors and check belts aren’t worn down.
  • That the thermostat is accurate.

When Affordable Services’ air conditioning experts come by your Ventura home or business to provide your system with the regularly scheduled maintenance it needs to continue operating at peak efficiency, we will always inspect your air conditioner’s filters. The most important maintenance task, no matter what make or model your air conditioner is, is to make sure that the filter is clean and replaced if it’s bogged down by dirt and debris. When airflow is obstructed by a dirty or clogged filter, your air conditioner will work twice as hard to cool your home or business, which will add to its general wear and drive up how much you are spending on electricity every month.

To take advantage of the area’s most affordable and reliable air conditioner maintenance services, call (805) 390-5868 today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote.

Air Conditioner Repairs

If you have come to depend on your air conditioner to keep you comfortable throughout the year, when it suddenly stops working can be cause for panic. Affordable Services’ professional and experienced air conditioning experts can easily fix the problem. If you have been affected by any of the following common air conditioning problems, please give us a call and we can quickly conduct a lasting repair that will keep you cool for years to come:

  • Air conditioning won’t turn on.
  • Air isn’t coming out of the registers.
  • Utility bills are much higher than usual.
  • Air conditioner is making terrible noises.
  • The A/C suddenly shuts off.
  • There is water pooling around the unit.
  • Warm air is coming out of the registers.
  • Air conditioner won’t turn on at all.

In all of our years of service, there isn’t an air conditioner issue we haven’t seen and been able to fix. No matter what the problem is, effective air conditioning repairs that won’t break your bank is only a phone call away to (805) 390-5868.

Air Conditioner Replacements

Every appliance has a shelf life and it’s only a matter of time before it needs to be replaced. Air conditioners are no different. While we always do whatever we can to repair issues with Ventura area air conditioners, eventually replacement will be the only option. And while we understand that most home and business owners are hesitant to pull the trigger on a replacement because the initial expense can be costly. Well, with Affordable Services, you are always guaranteed to get the best services at an affordable price that works for your budget.

Plus, when we are done replacing your air conditioner, you can reap a ton of benefits, namely that you will be paying less every month on cooling costs because new air conditioners are more energy efficient.

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